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Car Detailers

To succeed as a car detailer it is important that you keep your name in front of potential customers in your local market. You need strategies to build customer loyalty with current clients and market your services to new clients at the same time. At we are committed to helping you do this with an assortment of high-quality printed flyers, banners, car magnets and t-shirts.

Banners for Car Detailers

A car detailer banner, displayed at outdoor and community events, trade shows and sporting events, can help you develop name recognition for your business and find new clients. With a little creativity, you'll find plenty of opportunities to promote your business with these high-quality banners. Custom design your banner with full-color images and large print designed to be read from a distance. These banners stand up to the elements, giving you plenty of value for your advertising dollar.

Flyers for Car Detailers

Car detailer flyers are a good way to publicize your business to current clients and new customers. Use flyers to promote new products and services to current clients and give them extras to pass on to family and friends. By using our full-color flyers with print on both sides, you can get a lot of information on each flyer, along with your graphic images and contact information. Car detailer flyers are a very effective and affordable marketing tool for your business.

Car Magnets for Car Detailers

Using a car magnet whenever you are working on a job or just driving through town is a good way to advertise your business as a car detailer. Car magnets are like miniature billboards, building name recognition wherever you go. Our full-color, custom printed car detailer car magnets are designed to take the elements, giving you up to 4 years of marketing use.

T-Shirts for Car Detailers

Custom design your own car detailer t-shirts to advertise your business and provide a professional appearance for your employees. When you give these custom car detailer t-shirts to friends and family, they become a walking advertisement for your business. Our t-shirts are screen-printed on both the front and back of first-quality shirts.