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Deli Marketing Products

In these hard economic times, it is important to market your Deli in every way possible. It is tempting to reduce the amount of marketing you do; but instead, consider stepping up your marketing with more affordable and effective promotional tools. At, we have affordable promotional products to help you grow during these tough economic times, including menus, banners, business card magnets, magnetic business cards, flyers and t-shirts.

Deli Banners

Deli banners are an excellent way to market your business and create name recognition. Design a multi-purpose full-color banner that promotes your deli business. You can hang your banner inside or out. At, our banners are designed to stand up to the rigors of indoor and outdoor use and can be seen from a distance. Also, look for opportunities to display your banner at every catering job you work and community event you attend.

Deli Business Card Magnets

In the deli business, you can increase your orders by keeping your name and menu in front of your customers. Your deli magnetic business cards can reside on office file cabinets and home refrigerators, instantly bring your food to mind when it is time to order out. Consider including a printed menu and a deli business card magnet in every take-out order, especially for customers you would like to see more often.

Deli Flyers

Deli Flyers advertising your daily specials and showcasing images of your most profitable menu selections can be an effective way to bring in new business. Print them with a special offer or coupon to increase the chances that they will be read and saved. Hand out deli flyers at sporting events, community centers and anywhere people gather for an effective way to get the word out about your deli.

Deli Menus

Your deli menus are one of your most valuable marketing tools. Make sure to have plenty of take-out menus on hand for customers to take back to their office or home. These menus become invaluable when it is time to order take-out. Our full-color deli menus allow you to print mouth-watering images directly on the menu, increasing the appeal and effectiveness of the menu.

Deli T-Shirts

T-Shirt printing can be a very effective way to market your deli business. On your employees, deli t-shirts become a uniform that evokes professionalism; but when worn by family and friends they become advertisements that spread awareness of your deli throughout the community. Design your deli t-shirts with a catchy phrase and logo and they may even sell for a profit. How's that for an inexpensive marketing tool?