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At, we have a full line of products to help you promote your dental practice. We have identified a few products to help bring new patients through the door as well as returning patients. Use custom printed postcards, brochures and direct mailers to make your current patients aware of new promotions and recommended procedures. Use these promotional items to advertise your services to prospective patients as well. Market your dental practice at events with notepads, pens, and water bottles. These are items people will be able to use, and they will remember you for it.

Dentist Brochures

Design your dentist brochures to educate your patients about popular procedures and care information that they might need. Using custom designed brochures for dentists, you can tailor your brochures to the needs of your practice and patients, promoting the services that best suit their needs. Leave our full-color brochures in your waiting room to let patients know about services offered, or pass them out at networking events to bring in new patients. Dental brochures are a very cost effective way to get your message across.

Dentist Direct Mail Marketing

Our dentist direct mailers are a useful way to get your offer in front of your qualified prospects. Dentist direct mail marketing is a very cost effective marketing strategy, when done correctly. Make your offer personal and include a discount or coupon as an incentive for new patients to act quickly on your offer.

Dentist Notepads

Dental note pads are popular giveaways that help you effectively promote your practice. They are a good way to keep your brand in front of both new and prospective patients. Notepads for dentists, printed with your logo and marketing information remind your patients of your services every time they jot down a note. Additionally, notes get passed along to others, further promoting your message. Choose full-color notepads, printed in a design that will be noticed and remembered, and make sure your contact information can be easily found on each note.

Pens for Dentists

Give custom printed dentist pens along with your custom notepads to both current and prospective patients. Pass them out at conventions, marketing events, at local schools and businesses. Pens are one of the most inexpensive promotional tools, but they are used over and over, constantly reminding the people using them of your practice. This provides you with lots of name recognition for your advertising dollar.

Water Bottles for Dentists

Promotional dentist water bottles are a popular giveaway that is always welcome at sporting and community events. Pass out chilled water customized with your dentist water bottle labels at meetings and conventions. Your custom printed water bottles will create plenty of goodwill among potential patients and help promote a healthy lifestyle.