Hair Salon Marketing Products

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Hair Dresser & Hair Salon

At, we are dedicated to helping you, as a hair dresser, to advertise your hair salon. We've put together an assortment of products to help you promote your services to new clients and sell more to existing ones. Our rack cards, window posters, brochures, banners, water bottles and water bottle labels are designed to promote your hair salon.

Hair Salon Banners

Hair dresser banners are a great way to promote your hair salon at community events and trade shows. Our full-color vinyl banners for hair salons are attractively printed and durable enough for indoor or outdoor use.

Brochures for Hair Dressers

Brochures for hair salons are ideal marketing tools for your hair salon. Brochures, when used properly, grab your customer's attention with attractive visuals and help you showcase the quality of your work. Use custom created hair dresser brochures to promote new services and products to your customers.

Hair Salon Posters

When decorating your hair salon, posters can be decorative and an effective marketing tool. Use posters for hair salons to showcase your best work and promote your most profitable services and products.

Rack Cards for Hair Salons

Hair dresser rack cards are a powerful tool to help you promote your hair care business. Custom print hair salon rack cards to market additional products to your existing customers and use them in high traffic areas to attract new clients.

Hair Salon Water Bottles

Hair salon water bottles are a great marketing tool for your hair salon. Water bottle labels, custom printed with your logo and marketing message create a good impression with your customers. Offer them to clients in your salon and use them as promotional giveaways on hot days. Our hair dresser water bottle labels will help you brand your business with a feeling of hospitality.