Musician Marketing Products

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Musicians are doing their own marketing more than ever before and at, we want to help you promote your music in every way possible. Our full-color printing on glossy paper will make your flyers and laminates really pop. Use our custom banners and sell t-shirts at events and performances to promote your name and image. You'll also find that our CD replication services are convenient and affordable. We can print directly onto the CDs, stuff them into custom CD covers and shrink wrap them for easy distribution.

Musician Banners

Musician banners are invaluable for promoting your music and name at events and performances. Name recognition is very important for musicians and bands building a brand. Our high-quality full-color banners for musicians can be reused at every performance and event. They are designed to be durable for indoor and outdoor use to help you get maximum exposure for your promotional dollar.

CD Covers for Musicians

Our musician CD covers are perfect for presenting your demos or your music sales package. Full-color printing on both sides gives you plenty of room to promote your image and list the track contents. Combine them with our high-quality media inserts and CD replication services for easy music sales at your events.

Promotional Flyers

Use our full-color flyers for musicians to promote your music and appearances. At, our flyers are printed on high-quality paper in full color on both sides with a semi-gloss or high gloss finish. They're perfect for spreading their word about your next gig!

Musician Laminates

Our full-color laminates for musicians are useful for identifying staff and volunteers at events and performances while promoting your brand in a professional fashion. When you use our high-quality printing process combined with quality graphics, your musician laminates will become keepsakes.