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Wedding Coordinator | Wedding Planner

To succeed as a wedding coordinator or wedding planner, it is essential that your advertising, stationery and printed pieces all portray elegance and professionalism. At, our brochures, postcards, postcard marketing, direct mail marketing and direct mailers are professionally printed in full-color on high-quality paper to make sure your business is portrayed with professionalism and style.

Wedding Coordinator Brochures 

Your wedding planning brochures are one of the first printed pieces that brides and grooms see. It is crucial that the printing helps you portray the image you desire. Many brides and grooms will collect wedding planner brochures from several wedding coordinators to review later. Let us help you create a brochure with beautiful graphics that will help you win the business.

Wedding Coordinator Postcard Marketing

Wedding planner postcards are an effective way to let brides and grooms know about your services. You can be sure your competition is using wedding planner postcard marketing to advertise their services. Don't give them the advantage. Let us help you create wedding coordinator postcards that will get your services noticed and get you hired.

Wedding Coordinator Direct Mail Marketing

Wedding planner direct mailers are very effective for presenting your services to prospective brides and grooms. Because our wedding coordinator direct mailers are larger and printed on both sides, you have plenty of room to convey your marketing message and provide helpful information that couples can use. Include a planning schedule, or other valuable information, to ensure that brides will keep these advertising pieces. Consider saving room for a short personal message to the bride to increase the effectiveness of your wedding planner direct mail marketing campaign.