Pocket Folder Printing

Custom Printed Pocket Folders:

Grab Attention at Your Business Meetings with Custom Pocket Folders!

Custom Pocket Folder Description:

Create a stunning presentation that is professional and affordable with custom pocket folders from FullColorPrint.com.

Someone once said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, when you have that all-important presentation to deliver, why not WOW your audience with custom pocket folders created exclusively for you by FullColorPrint.com?

You can prepare for your meeting by creating an impressive PowerPoint presentation, and spend a lot of time, energy and money getting everything you need to communicate your messages to your potential customers. Now, with custom pocket folders they can walk away with everything you’ve handed them in one attractive folder that includes everything you want them to understand about your product or industry. Custom pocket folders from FullColorPrint.com are valuable additions to your presentation that will result in retention and easy reference.

At FullColorPrint.com, we have been creating custom pocket folders for over 12 years to assist our customers in creating handsome take-away items that will result in added income and success. Our custom pocket folders look and feel great, because we start with sturdy card stock and end with your choice of two superior gloss coating treatments for protection and a luxurious feel. Our custom pocket folders also have the option of a Pocket Folder slot included in their one low price. Our standard folder depth is 3” on each inside panel, allowing a lot of room for multiple pages to be inserted.

Some other enhancements we make to our custom pocket folders are that we allow you to have full color images on both sides of your custom pocket folders for the same price as a one-sided folder. You will also receive your custom pocket folders pre-folded and ready to use right away. Get them in our standard 3-4 business day delivery time frame to your home or business, fill each folder with everything you want to include, and be on your way fully-prepared to do business. No one will have to know that the impressive custom pocket folders you hand out were available for such a great price, thanks to FullColorPrint.com.

Once you are ready to design your custom pocket folders, go to our Web site at FullColorPrint.com and choose the size and quantity of your custom pocket folders. From there you will be able to choose from three different levels of Design Services, provided to you from FullColorPrint.com. Whichever level of design you need, our expert staff of graphic designers will make sure that you get the most out of your custom pocket folders. There are templates on our Web site for you to download and samples of other custom pocket folders for you to see that may inspire you when creating your own.

We also offer a host of custom finishing options to choose from when you create and order your custom pocket folders from FullColorPrint.com. For instance you may require special scoring, rounded corners or custom drilling. These, and many more features are available with custom pocket folders.

So why wait? Get your presentation in order and WOW your potential clients and customers with custom pocket folders from FullColorPrint.com.

Pocket Folder Printing Specs:

  • Printed on a sturdy. Card Stock,
  • Business Cards slots in inner pouches
  • No need to pay for extra finishing charges, prices are all inclusive
  • 3" Pockets come standard