Double-Sided Door Hangers

Door Hanger Marketing:

Promote your business with success using Full Color Door Hangers!

Double Sided Door Hangers Description:

Increase your visibility by 50% with double-sided door hangers from

Door hangers are an economical and effective solution to target marketing your service, products or business. With double-sided door hangers, you will make twice as much of an impression for the following reasons. First of all, double-sided door hangers from will give you twice as much space to communicate your message as a one-sided hanger. This will give you an advantage over your competition, as your customers will feel that they know more about your company and will most likely choose you. Another advantage of ordering double-sided door hangers from is that double-sided door hangers look like you went the extra distance to reach your market, with more opportunity to create an attractive hanger, than if you’d had to cram everything on one side. Plus, without double-sided door hangers, if your hanger gets flipped over, there will be no message communicated. If you r customers’ first impression includes viewing a blank sheet of card stock,

At the best thing about our double-sided door hangers is that you won’t pay a cent more to fill both sides of your double-sided door hangers with all of the information you desire. Our cost to you at is the same for double-sided door hangers as it is for a one-sided hanger. You heard it right. You won’t pay more for printing, die-creation, die cutting or your choice of one of our supreme gloss coatings. Choose between our semi-gloss coating or our irresistible protective double-sided door hangers from!

To make sure that you are given the best service possible, has organized a Design Services system on our Web site, offering you three levels of assistance in the creation of your double-sided door hangers. If you have everything ready to go, you can use the Typesetting option, or for more help in the creation of your double-sided door hangers, you may utilize our Custom or Premium options. You will find out about the differences between these options simply by going to and browsing the Design Services section within the Door Hangers tab.

Our Web site at will also be helpful in that you can see other samples of double-sided door hangers we’ve created, which could inspire you in the creation of your own. Once your double-sided door hangers are designed, you can order between 500 and 100,000 or more double-sided door hangers from in a variety of sizes to choose from. You can build double-sided door hangers as small as 3.5x8.5, or up to 9x22 with 9 perfs. We also offer templates in different formats, so please select the template that best fits your needs.

So, get your information together and order your double-sided door hangers today. Our speedy 2-3 business day turnaround time means that you can be distributing your quality double-sided door hangers within a few days. Now that’s just good business!

  • Printed on Sturdy C2S Card Stock
  • Semi-gloss or UV high gloss coatings available
  • Printing, die creation, die cutting, and all finishing included in final price