Pocket Folders With Slots

Custom Printed Pocket Folders:

Grab Attention at Your Business Meetings with Custom Pocket Folders!

Pocket Folder Description:

When you want to make sure that your potential customers have a way of getting in touch with you long after your presentation, you might consider including business cards along with your pocket folders. That’s why at FullColorPrint.com we offer pocket folders with slots cut into the inner pouches for business card insertions.

Pocket folders with slots will do more than your standard presentation folder, as your contact information can be removed and on hand for future reference. And at FullColorPrint.com we don’t charge more for pocket folders with slots, so you can design your folders with that important feature in mind.

FullColorPrint.com offers a variety of sizes to consider when you begin the creation of your pocket folders with slots. We can accommodate pocket folders with slots as small as 4 x 9 inch in dimension, or up to 9 x 15. We even offer 9 x 12 tri-fold pocket folders with slots. Of course we can accommodate custom sizes, but for the most part, FullColorPrint.com offers a standard size that will most likely satisfy your needs.

Once you decide on the perfect size for your pocket folders with slots, you will choose a level of design assistance that is right for you. FullColorPrint.com offers three levels of online assistance from our team of skilled designers. To place an order with design services simply click on the size and quantity that you are interested in purchasing.

You will be able to choose from our Typesetting level, which offers very minor text edits to your existing documents or added text to a background or photograph. The next stage of design to choose from for your pocket folders with slots is our Custom Design level. With this service we will create your design using images, copy text, and stock photography provided by you. Then, if you need even more help from FullColorPrint.com we offer a Premium Design service. With this level of service we will create your design from the ground up using your copy text and logo. This service also includes any art or stock photography that may need to be purchased.

It will give you great satisfaction to know that at FullColorPrint.com we include a host of custom-level features for one low cost. For starters, your pocket folders with slots will be printed on high quality, sturdy card stock. Then add to that one of our gloss coating choices for extra sheen and durability, and the images and text you feature on your pocket folders with slots will look great for a long time to come. FullColorPrint.com also offers inside pouches 3 inches in depth to assure that the pages you insert will stay in place. The pocket folders with slots will have die cuts within these pouches to insert your business cards. One slot per side is our standard offering at FullColorPrint.com.

FullColorPrint.com offers templates on its Web site in different formats, so simply select the template that best fits your needs. In order to use these templates, please make sure that you have the proper software installed.

Once your pocket folders with slots are designed, you will be pleased to know that FullColorPrint.com can have them delivered to you folded and ready to use within 3-4 business days. You can literally decide to order pocket folders with slots on Monday for a presentation on Friday!

So, when you want to give your potential customers everything they need, plus a handy way of including your business cards for future reference, order pocket folders with slots from FullColorPrint.com today!

Pocket Folder Printing Specs:

  • Printed on a sturdy. Card Stock,
  • Business Cards slots in inner pouches
  • No need to pay for extra finishing charges, prices are all inclusive
  • 3" Pockets come standard