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Promotional Bookmark Description:

There are many ways to advertise your business to your potential customers. You could send direct mail pieces; submit online messages and e-blast reminders of who you are. You could hand out business cards. All of these business-building strategies can be effective. But what if you had an appealing free gift to hand out that would not only be a repetitive reminder of who you are, but would serve as a useful item that your audience would refer to again and again? Welcome to Promotional Bookmarks!

At, we’ve designed an easy way for you to create your own Promotional Bookmarks that are sure to stand the test of time. It’s simple, fast and fun to show off your service or product with our handy online ordering system and wide variety of bookmark design options. You can be as unique as you desire, and reach a vast market segment with a free gift that all ages will enjoy. Even if you give someone a Promotional Bookmark who is not an avid reader, they will be intrigued by its appearance and are likely to slip it within the pages of their weekly planner. What you will have created for yourself, and given out, is a daily reminder of who you are and what you want to communicate. There is no other marketing tool that does all that for such little cost and effort!

Where do you get started? Come to to order your Promotional Bookmarks. Our fabulous full-color capabilities will enhance the appearance of any photo or drawing you choose for the front or back of your bookmark. What you decide to put on your Promotional Bookmark is up to you, so let your imagination be your guide. If you want your bookmark to stand out, choose bright colors, or give a subtle look to your Promotional Bookmark if you desire. Consider the age group of your recipients, and let those determine your style choices. If, for example, you are marketing to a younger crowd, you would choose a relevant, enticing visual design, whereas for seniors, you would create a subtle, pleasing photo or perhaps an inspirational message in addition to your marketing information or message.

Quality is “key” when you put your name and contact information on any item you use to promote your service, business or product line. We understand that at and therefore, offer you the finest elements in the creation of your Promotional Bookmarks. Our durable C2S cardstock is unsurpassed in the industry as being a durable and resilient component in the creation of a long-lasting product. That is all we use in the manufacturing of your Promotional Bookmark. You will also be able to choose different coating applications. High Gloss or semi-gloss; the visual effect you want to create is up to you. 

Our bookmarks come in four standard sizes for your convenience.
Choose from: 6 x 2.125, 7 x 2.125, 8.5 x 2.75, or 9 x 2.125 dimensions.

In as little as 2 Business Days, will be able to turn around your Promotional Bookmark order…so don’t worry if you need to act fast. Just relax and enjoy our professional methods of doing business. We are here to serve you and are committed to the success of your business.

  • Sturdy C2S Cardstock
  • Different coating options
  • Fast turnaround
  • 4 Different Sizes

We have a variety of shipping methods to choose from:
FedEx or UPS: Ground, 3 Day, 2 Day, or Next Day Air to you Front Door
Air Cargo: Southwest, Delta, or Delta Dash to your Nearest Airport

There are so many reasons to turn to for effective Promotional Bookmarks that will engage your potential customers and help to grow your business as it deserves. Order yours today!