Wholesale Pocket Folders

Custom Printed Pocket Folders:

Grab Attention at Your Business Meetings with Custom Pocket Folders!

Wholesale Pocket Folder Description:

Imagine that you are on a business trip presenting your products to an audience that is engaged and ready to move forward. There are more potential customers in your audience than you expected, and you fear that there won’t be enough presentation folders to go around. Lost that fear forever when you order wholesale pocket folders from FullColorPrint.com!

It would be a disaster to run out of folder on the road. That’s why when you order Wholesale pocket folders, you won’t face that dilemma. To order Wholesale pocket folders takes just as long as a smaller order, and through FullColorPrint.com can get to your door within our standard delivery time of 3-4 business days. Of course, there is a rush option available if you need to order Wholesale pocket folders and have them to you sooner, but for most orders, FullColorPrint.com’s standard delivery time will suffice.

When you order Wholesale pocket folders from FullColorPrint.com, you will have a choice of sizes. You can order Wholesale pocket folders as small as 4 x 9 or as large as 9 x 15 on a standard order. If you want to order just a few folders, our minimum order is 250, or order Wholesale pocket folders in quantities as large as you need them and keep them for use during multiple presentations. You will find that when you order Wholesale pocket folders, they will come to you pre-folded and ready for use. At FullColorPrint.com we don’t charge extra for this. Nor do we charge extra for the addition of business card slots inserted on one or both sides of the internal 3-inch pockets when you order Wholesale pocket folders, or even for smaller orders.

One of the other impressive features we add as standard when you order Wholesale pocket folders is the finishing touch of your choice of gloss treatments. You may decide that a high gloss sheen is what you are after, or opt for a semi-gloss matte finish to give your folders a durable, classy look and feel.

You will also appreciate that FullColorPrint.com has several Design Service options available to you when you order Wholesale pocket folders. Our Typesetting option gives you minor text edits to your existing document or added text to a background or photograph.
We also offer a Design level option where we will create your design using images, copy text, and stock photography provided by you. Lastly, FullColorPrint.com offers a Premium Design option when you order Wholesale pocket folders (or for smaller orders). With this service we will create your design from the ground up using your copy text and logo. This service includes the addition of any art or stock photography that may need to be purchased. Simply go to our FullColorPrint.com Web site, click on the size of pocket folder you desire, and let us help you order Wholesale pocket folders from start to finish.

So, gather everything you wish to include on a handsome representation of your company or business and order Wholesale pocket folders from FullColorPrint.com today!

Wholesale Pocket Folder Specs:

  • 2 Gloss coating options
  • Business card slots included
  • Standard 3" pockets
  • Custom features available
  • Design assistance available
  • Full color and folded standard