Custom Door Hangers

Door Hanger Marketing:

Promote your business with success using Full Color Door Hangers!

Custom Door Hangers that Get Your Business Noticed

Door hanger marketing is deceptively simple. Don’t let the simplicity fool you into underestimating the power of this simple marketing tool. Well-designed custom door hangers quickly grab the customer’s attention, and if the message is compelling enough, keep it.

Imagine a busy family arriving home late. Mom is too tired to cook or possibly has no idea what to fix for dinner. Your restaurant menu is hanging on the door when they arrive. Do you think they will call? It’s almost guaranteed. If they’ve already eaten when they arrive home, they will probably save the menu because they know they will be interested in a day or two.

The same scenario plays out with almost any local service provider. When the potential customer needs your service, your custom door hanger is right in front of them. If they expect to need your service soon, they will save the door hanger for future reference.

Custom Door Hanger Printing

Take the time to design high-quality custom door hangers that will grab your customer’s attention. If you need help, has a design team available. All of our custom door hangers are printed on both sides of sturdy card stock and die cut for easy hanging. Semi-gloss or high gloss UV coatings are available to help you make the best impression.

Create a design that takes advantage of both sides of your custom door hangers. Use the back for contact information and a map showing your location. Place your main marketing message on the front.

Who benefits from custom door hanger printing? Restaurants, lawn services, tree trimmers, local delivery or hauling services, hair dressers and barbers, entertainment centers, auto maintenance and repair, pool care services, housekeeping and maid services, Realtors seeking listings, Public Adjusters and tax preparation services are just a few examples of local businesses that could benefit from custom door hanger printing. What about your business?

Door Hanger Marketing

For local businesses targeting a specific geographic area, door hanger marketing offers solid value. There is no quicker way to get your message into the neighborhood than a well targeted door hanger marketing campaign. Because your business is local, targeted customers will pay attention when your message meets their needs.

Door hanger distribution is quick and easy. Do-it-yourself or hire a team to distribute your custom door hangers throughout target neighborhoods. Ask friends and family members to hit their neighborhood. Plan one quick marketing blitz or distribute them during your slow periods to drum up business. Canvas each neighborhood every few months to keep your business fresh in the minds of potential customers.

Door Hanger Printers

Choose your door hanger printers with the same care you would use for any other piece of your marketing package. Don’t be tempted to print a cheap sheet on your computer unless you want to be known for being cheap. Online door hanger printers such as will print a door hanger that is worthy of your marketing campaign. For a very reasonable price, you can purchase a full color door hanger, printed on both sides that is die cut and ready to hang.

Plan to order enough door hangers to target your geographic area. You’ll get the best price on a larger order and save money on shipping when you order enough the first time. is one of the leading online door hanger printers in the country. We can help you design and print custom door hangers that get you noticed. Contact us for your entire door hanger marketing needs!

  • Printed on Sturdy C2S Card Stock
  • Semi-gloss or UV high gloss coatings available
  • Printing, die creation, die cutting, and all finishing included in final price