Custom T-shirt Screen Printing

Custom Printed T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirts Screen Printing: Use Us For Your Personalized T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing: Choose Quality Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts for Best Results.

When you want a quality custom t-shirt, choose silk screen printed t-shirts. Silk screen printing is the best method for printing a high quality design on a t-shirt. The details will stand out and the inks are permanent and durable.

The Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing Process

The basic custom t-shirt screen printing process is quite simple, but requires skill to execute it properly. A screen is made for each color of the design to be printed. The screen is a piece of silk mesh that is tightly stretched over a frame to hold it taut.

The screen is spread with a photo emulsion that is sensitive to light. A high wattage bulb is used to expose the photo emulsion screen. A positive print of the design blocks the light in areas where ink will flow and the light exposed areas solidify to block the flow of ink. This is called “burning” the image.

After exposure, the unexposed areas are washed free of emulsion and the screen can be used to print a single color of ink onto the shirt. Separate screens are made for each color and printed successively. Ink is forced through the screen and onto the shirt, creating the printed image. Each color is flash dried before the next color can be printed.

These are the basics of t-shirt screen printing. Different types of printing units are available to commercial printers to speed up the process. This type of screen printing requires attention to detail in order to produce a quality print. is experienced in silk screen printing and recommends this process for the best quality print.

Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Can Make Great Marketing Tools

Custom screen printed t-shirts are an affordable way to advertise your business or event. Once the initial set up is done, the process is quick and cheap. This is why screen printed t-shirts are cheaper when ordered in quantity. The first shirt is the most expensive one to print.

Your custom screen printed t-shirts are valuable marketing tools that can literally pay for themselves. Print a catchy logo or saying on your shirt and sell them. You can print anything you like on the shirt, so let your imagination run wild. Your customers will be paying to wear your advertising message. How much better can it get?

Why You Should Avoid Heat Transfer and Hot Press T-Shirt Printing

Heat transfer printing and hot press t-shirt printing are popular because they are fast and cheap. But the quality of the print is not as durable as genuine screen printed t-shirts. These shirts are printed by heat pressing a decal design onto the shirt rather than ink printing. Over the long term, these designs tend to peel, especially when the shirt is repeatedly dried in a hot dryer.

It is natural for t-shirts to shrink over time. This is a problem for heat transfer designs because the decal does not shrink with the shirt. Shirts printed by this method tend to buckle and ripple as they age, making an undesirable fit rather than the smooth fit you will enjoy with screen printed t-shirts.

At, we only use custom t-shirt screen printing processes for best results. We use First Quality 6.1oz Double Stitched Shirts and print on both front and back for the same low price. Our skill and care comes through on all of our custom screen printed t-shirts, so we know you will be completely happy with your order. We stand ready to help you with any part of your t-shirt screen printing process.


T-Shirt Printing Specs:

  • First Quality 6.1oz Double Stitched Shirts.
  • All Shirts are Silk Screen - NOT HOT PRESSED
  • One Color Standard or Full Color Premium