Plastic Card Printing

Custom Printed Plastic Cards:

Stand out from the crowd with custom plastic business cards!

Plastic Card Printing Services: Use Plastic Card Printers For Your Gift and Loyalty Cards

Plastic business cards are a unique way to build your brand and make a lasting impression. Using plastic card printing services allows you to print your business information on a card that looks and feels like a credit card. This adds perceived value to the card and makes it hard for the customer to throw it out. Chances are that it will stay in the wallet indefinitely with the credit cards.

Most people tend to weed business cards out of their wallet when the edges begin to fray. This never happens with a plastic business card. The durability and perceived value increases its life as a valuable marketing material.

Increase Customer Retention with Plastic Card Printing Products

Plastic card printing services can help you create your own customer loyalty cards, gift cards, calling cards, access and key cards, membership cards, VIP cards and calendar cards. These products keep customers coming back and increase sales on a long term basis.

Plastic loyalty cards are an excellent marketing tool for bringing in repeat customers. Use plastic card printing services to print incentive cards during slow periods to increase sales and encourage customers to spend more. Possible applications of loyalty cards are limited only by your imagination.

Use Plastic Card Printers for Custom Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards are extremely popular with both gift givers and recipients. They are more durable than gift certificates and harder to forge. Your plastic card printers can print a gift card that is easy to give and fun to receive. These gift cards can also be used when issuing refunds and company product rebates to keep the cash in the company. The professional design team at is ready to help you design a custom gift card for your business.

Use a Plastic Card Printer to Create Custom Membership Cards and Increase Customer Loyalty

Plastic cards are very useful for membership programs designed to create customer loyalty and retention. As a plastic card printer, we specialize in plastic card printing, and can create a custom membership card designed specifically for your needs. Give cardholding members special discounts or services to keep them coming back on a regular basis. Award custom Membership Cards to regular customers on a free or paid basis depending on the benefits it conveys. A great advantage of customer loyalty cards is that you can collect valuable information about your customer while signing them up for the card, and continue to keep detailed records on their buying habits every time they use the card.

Use plastic cards for fundraising discount cards. Sign up local businesses to sponsor your cards, and then have your plastic card printer design a special card with discount offers from the sponsors. These cards can be easily sold for a charity or fundraising cause.

At, we offer beautiful full color plastic cards that your clients will keep and use. Our design team offers 3 levels of design services, should you need help designing your card for plastic card printing. Our full-color high-gloss cards offer you the best possible value at a very competitive price.

Plastic Business Card Printing Specs:

  • Durable Thick 30mil Plastic
  • Rounded Corners Included in Price
  • Business Card or Credit Card Sizes Available