Full Color Die-Cut Table Tents

Custom Printed Table Tents

Table Tents Printing: Use Table Tent Printing to Sell More Products & Services

Table tents printing allows you to present your products or services on a counter or table for customers to look over while they wait. Simple, attractive table tents will help your marketing efforts have an effective impact. Feature your high-profit items on your table tents. The extra exposure helps create a desire for the featured products and as a result, sell more of them.

Designing Table Tents For Your Service Business

Table Tents are valuable tools for restaurants, bakeries and other service businesses. Customers tend to look over the table tent information while waiting for their order or deciding which services they need. The key to designing table tents is to use high quality color images and concise, easy to read text.  Pay attention to the overall design and how it will fit tastefully into the intended environment. If you need help, FullColorPrint.com has a team of design professionals on staff to guide you.

Table Tent Printing

Be sure to choose a high-quality table tent printing service that offers custom design services to ensure that your table tents are attractive and appealing to potential customers. Use table tents in restaurants and fast food places to create desire for desserts, drinks or other high profit items. Table tents are easy to use and can be changed regularly to keep your offerings fresh. Table tents printing also offers a convenient way for service providers to showcase the different services they offer or to encourage add-ons to basic services.

Where to Place Your Table Tents For Best Impact

In restaurants and bars it makes sense to place your table tents on the customer’s table or in conspicuous places on the bar. Most customers will look them over while waiting for their order or during a lull in the conversation. Other types of service businesses may need to be creative when looking for the best position. Like any marketing material, table tents are effective when placed near the point of sale in a visible location.

Table tents can also be placed in a waiting or lounge area. Table tents are effective anywhere customers sit down to relax for a moment.

Place them on the counter where service decisions are made. Use table tents to show the advantages of your special service plan. Place them next to the cash register for customers to read while you write up their purchases.

Your full color images printed on our sturdy card stock table tents and coated with a semi-gloss or high-gloss coating will make your message jump off the page. At FullColorPrint.com we offer affordable, full color, die-cut, two-sided table tents printing. Take advantage of our affordable table tent printing services today!


Table Tent Printing Specs:

  • Printed on Sturdy CS2 Card Stock.
  • Aqueous semi-gloss or UV high gloss coatings available
  • Folding, scoring, and all finishing included in final price
  • Printed single sided but we offer double sided